Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter at St. Mary's

At St. Mary's this past week, I had to teach a game to the gym group. At first I was kind of nervous on how well the game would actually turn out because the other students in 201 were going to be observing my game, and assessing how well the St. Mary's students could dribble a basketball. Over all I think that my game went very well, as well as the assessment. After we were in the gym we went outside to play on the playground. It was the first time that we had gone outside with the kids, and it was a totally new enviornment. I enjoyed being outside because we could run around with the kids, and not worry about running into another group's activity. One game that I played with a student was called 'Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag", during this game you played rock, paper, scissors, shoot and whoever loses has to run away and the winner must tag the person that lost. This was a good game because we kept switching who was chasing who. I also think that the kids were excited to be going outside because it was a change of enviornment for them as well, and they weren't cooped up in the gym the entire time.

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