Saturday, April 9, 2011

St. Mary's 5k, Run for the Stars

Today was the 5k "Run for the Stars" run at St. Mary's school. Alot of people from the community came to run in this race as well as help out. There was a pancake breakfast for the runners after they had finished the race, as well as a 1k race for the younger students. During the 1k race I was helping out and keeping them safe by standing by the road to make sure the students stayed on the sidewalk and off of the road. When the kids started out running it was like a mob that was just coming at you, they all wanted to run and win so they were all running pretty fast. While the 5k runners were getting ready, I helped set up a table of food, which consisted of orange slices, bagels, apple slices, and bananas. Once they 5k runners were finishing I stood at the finish line to hand them bottles of water. It is important to hyrdate your body once you are done with a long run so that your body can recovery and stay healthy. Also, as the runners were crossing the finish line, there was a timer that automatically recorded your time and sent it to a laptop were your time was recorded and saved, so that you could look at it once your were done. Overall I think that it went very well, and it was nice to see the community come out and support their school, and cheer on the kids, parents, and their family memebers while they were running.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinosaur Train at St. Mary's

For lab 4 at St. Mary's the theme was Dinosaur Train, based off of the PBS show "Dinosaur Train". The game that I choose to do was called Dino Dash Egg Tag. In this game on of the students were elected to be the T-Rex and all the rest were the plant eatters. The T-Rex had to run around and tag the plant eatters, and try to get all of them tagged. However while the T-Rex was trying to tag everybody there was a "magic dino egg" being thrown around to the plant eatters that had been tagged. Once a plant eatter caught the magic dino egg they were untagged, and could run around again. By the time I had gotten to my game we had lost some of the students, so there wasn't too many, however I still feel that they did enjoy it. This proves that even though you may not have very many students to work with you can still achieve your goal of teaching the activity by changing up what you are doing to that you keep the students attention.